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    How to Have a Great Time with an Escort

    When you want to have a great time with a Toronto escort you’re going to need to make sure that you’re doing it right! There are some basic rules for etiquette that you’ll want to follow with an Asian escort or call girl. Let’s explore what these are so you’ll be prepared and ready to go!

    Be On Time

    If you’re attending an in call (to their house or place of business) it’s important that you arrive on time! If you can’t arrive on time to a Toronto escorts appointment you can always call and let them know that you’re running late. Time is money, this is very important and a matter of respect. A Toronto Asian escort is a great thing but you don’t want to disrespect her – let her help you make the most of your time, don’t miss out.

    Don’t Be Dirty

    Unless it’s dirty minded, that’s totally okay! Toronto Asian escorts are great for fantasies but you don’t want to come to your appointment smelling bad. Don’t be upset if someone asks you to shower before things start, many will offer to shower along with you so you’ll be able to enjoy it! If it’s your room your Asian provider may go check the bathroom and closets to make sure that there are no people in the room. This is a safety precaution, not a judgment on you. Toronto escorts come in all kinds and they all have their own experiences. If you want to make the most out of your visit with a Toronto escort or Asian call girl you’ll want to make sure that you’re clean and on time! This way you’ll be able to have a fun visit that’s safe, sane and sexy!

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